Thursday, August 27, 2009
  Testing Pickum
Friday, July 24, 2009
  Life as a Dad
I know I haven't posted here in probably 2 years but maybe its a good time to start again with posting my new experiences as a Dad.

We had our baby on July 18th so we are coming up on a week old. Last night was our first night at home alone with Ella. We have had Michelle's parents over a couple times and my parents over as well to help us get settled. That was a life saver. Anyway we ended up feeding her around 10pm and put her to bed. She was a little fussy but after some rocking she calmed down and went to bed. She woke up around 1am and we changed and fed her. She decided to become fussy and cried almost non stop until 3:30am. She had a clean diaper, was fed, warm, swaddled, not gassy...she was just mad. Who knows. Anyway, we finally fed her again around 3:30 and got her to go to bed until 7:00. When she woke up I went in to change her diaper and get her ready for a feeding. Poop was everywhere. Up her back, her side, in her blanket, on her shirt, and on the changing table. Not sure if I just didn't put the diaper on right or if she just let out too much for the diaper to handle. Got that cleaned up and got her fed. Now she sits in her swing content and awake. I can tell that my sleep schedule is going to be in for a rude awakening.
Tuesday, April 11, 2006
  Great video
Puppies vs Cat.
  Ok, this is cool
Automatic graffiti machine. This thing rocks.
Saturday, March 11, 2006
  Victoria, not Victorious
Funny prank played by Cal student section...Good stuff

Victoria, not Victorious

At last Saturday's Cal men's hoops season finale versus USC, Bears boosters pulled a prank that straddles the fuzzy gray line between "Crap-Yer-Pants Hilarious" and "Inexcusably Cruel."

When USC guard Gabe Pruitt took his first trip to the free throw line early in the game, the Cal student section hollered in unison: "VIC-TOR-IA, VIC-TOR-IA," and then yelled out a telephone number. Pruitt glanced back at the crowd in horror and bewilderment before clanking his free throws.

It turns out that a couple of mischeivous little bastards from the Cal student section had been IM'ing with Pruitt all week under the identity of "Victoria," a fictional UCLA hottie, and Pruitt was eagerly anticipating a date with this nubile co-ed back in Westwood after the game. In preparation for the date, Pruitt had handed over his digits, which the Cal student section recited back to him in unison.

Pruitt, a 79% free throw shooter this season, missed both shots after the "VIC-TOR-IA" chants began, and hit only three out of 13 shots the whole game. Cal beat USC by 11 for the season sweep, in part due to the Cal fans' devious psy-ops.
Monday, October 10, 2005
Well the Dawgs did it. What a fantastic game played by UGA. Georgia totally dominated Tennesse on Saturday. Our defense basically served up a shut out. The 2 touchdowns were not really the Defense's fault. The first one coming on an interception that was returned to the 1 inch line, the other was not even a touchdown. Replay shows that the receiver was obviously down on the 1 yard line but was given a touchdown by the official. If they would have reviewed the play, which they couldn't because it didn't have a direct impact on the outome of the game, they would have seen that he was down way before he crossed the goalline. Georgia now sits atop the SEC East with a clear path to the dome. Vandy is next on the schedule, they are always a pain in the dawgs backside. They always seem to play us tough in Nashville. The last time we were there was in 2003. We did not start playing until the 2nd half. This will not be an easy game for UGA.....This article makes me think that Coach Mark Richt's head may be a little to high if he is thinking about this. "We would be fired up," Richt said. "I'd be fired up if we were undefeated at the end of the year [and not in the title game], but that is too far down the road." He doesn;t need to worry about that...just take care of Vandy. Go Dawgs!
Friday, October 07, 2005
Well here we are again...Another Georgia Tennessee game with huge implications on the SEC East and National Championship picture. This game always proves to be a great college football atmosphere and normally a close nailbiter type game. This year Georgia is the underdog dispite them being rank ahead of Tennessee in the polls. DJ Shockley has been to Knoxville before and has seen what the fans are like. I am not sure if I am as confident with Shockley back there as I was with Greene...He still has not proved much yet. Georgia has been very vanilla this year, not showing much excitement. The running game is good, the defense is good, but the overall preformace on Saturdays has been just enough to win. I think Georgia can pull this off because our Defense can handle the run and put pressure on Claussen. Georgia wins by 3.
Thursday, September 29, 2005
  Poor Puppy
6 month old puppy swallows 13-inch knife! Ouch
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